Anti-Jewish Protests in Canada (Public Board)

by FSK, Thursday, January 04, 2024, 23:29 (47 days ago)

In Canada, anti-Israel protestors are now directly targeting Jewish neighborhoods. There's a large Jewish neighborhood in Toronto, and protestors are regularly blocking the closest highway exit.

That seems like the most counter-productive strategy possible. If you hate Israel but aren't anti-Semitic, you would consider Jews who don't live in Israel to be heroes. The only thing violence against non-Israel Jews accomplishes is that it makes a stronger argument for why Israel's existence is necessary.

There's no 2nd amendment in Canada, and the prime minister recently pushed though a strict gun control law. If you're a group of Jews being targeted by a larger violent angry mob, I guess you just are supposed to lose and get assaulted or killed?

The police are showing up to the protest ... to protect the protestors. Some of the local Jewish residents tried to clear out the protest blocking the road, but the police were protecting the protestors and keeping the two sides separated.


Anti-Jewish Protests in Canada

by Cornpop Sutton ⌂, A bad bad dude who makes good shine., Friday, January 05, 2024, 00:02 (47 days ago) @ FSK

^ At least there is a wokeness culture in another country that's worse than the situation in the US. The US is becoming a shithole but we're not the worst... yet.

Anti-Jewish Protests in Canada

by JoFrance, Friday, January 05, 2024, 19:08 (46 days ago) @ FSK

The protesters are all anti-Semitic so that's why they're targeting Jewish neighborhoods in Canada. The police shouldn't let them block the roads or terrorize that community. It seems the protesters have all the rights and protection, not the people that live and work there.

The Palestinian protests are different than regular protests because they are aimed at harassing and terrorizing Jews wherever they live or congregate. It shouldn't be allowed to happen anywhere.

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