Censorship (Public Board)

by IT guy, Tuesday, February 06, 2024, 23:42 (14 days ago) @ JoFrance

I think my beef with those congressional hearings was when all of the major social media outlets were censoring views that didn't agree with the mainstream. They'd bring in the tech leaders, the Republicans like Ted Cruz and Ron Johnson would talk down to them and say mean things.....but nothing ever happened.

Same thing happens here although this is a different issue and the solution is censorship. As many downsides as the are with social media is, do we as a society want to go in that direction? With with that bein said, it may not be a bad idea in extreme cases like this:

One failing of FB is their FB Live. A lot of sickos out there like to broadcast their various crimes, including murder, real time. I think they should get rid of that if they can't police it.

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