Israel Gaza Settlements and Gaza Aid Protests (Public Board)

by FSK, Tuesday, January 30, 2024, 19:33 (21 days ago)

There are rumors that Israel is planning to build settlements in Gaza, similar to ones in the West Bank. I think it's a good idea. First, it extracts a real penalty from the Palestinians for starting and losing a war. Second, it focuses terrorist attacks on the settlements instead of inside Israel. Third, if they're going to have a military presence in Gaza, someone has to pay for it. Finally, by splitting up Gaza into pieces, that makes it harder for the terrorists to organize and move.

Israel started allowing aid shipments into Gaza from Israel. Previously they were only entering through the Egypt border. Now anti-Hamas protestors are blockading the aid trucks. Israel's government isn't that eager to arrest them, so it's led to a stalemate where no aid is entering Gaza through Israel.

Israel should have put its foot down from the beginning. "No food or water into Gaza until all hostages are released." Making deals for hostages just encourages future hostage taking. Allegedly, the mastermind for October 7 was released in a previous terrorists-for-hostage deal.

It's an idiot policy to trade 100 terrorists for 1 hostage, if those terrorists go on to kill more than one person later.

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