University Mathematics Taken Over By Woke (Public Board)

by FSK, Sunday, January 28, 2024, 15:46 (24 days ago)

There was a society of US Mathematicians, AMS. Like most institutions, it was taken over by woketards.

Some Mathematicians said "This is stupid. We want to do Mathematics, not DEI." They formed a competing institution, called AMR, that was not woke.

Now a bunch of people are saying "Everyone who's a member of the AMR is a racist. They should be fired, not hired, not promoted." They have enough influence that they probably will win the struggle, making it career suicide for anyone to be a member of the AMR.

The AMR says "We want to do Math, not DEI. We don't want to have a DEI policy at all." The woke retort is "Not having a DEI policy is itself a racist DEI policy."

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