Early predictions: winning (Public Board)

by Cornpop Sutton ⌂, A bad bad dude who makes good shine., Saturday, January 27, 2024, 13:55 (25 days ago) @ FSK
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An analysis based on actions so far:

The Supreme Court determined that the Feds can tear down razor wire and other barriers. Their decision did not speak to prohibiting Texas or localities from re-erecting barriers as fast as they are destroyed. Therefore this is basically a stalemate so far.

25 state's governors signed a non binding declaration that supports Texas's actions. That is significant - half of the country's states. Plus many state militias are expressing readiness to assist Texas' cause. This clearly shows no national mandate that favors dumping illegals into the US.)

The anti-illegal immigration movement has gathered enough momentum that things will get very ugly if the US insists on enforcing their policy of anyone allowed at any time with bullets and arrests.

The media is NOT reporting in any way on this story. IMO any hot conflict (EG, arrests of state or local police or "kinetic" fights) will force the media to make it headline news. I think that says TONS.

IMO the Biden administration desperately doesn't want this to go kinetic and then become newsworthy. They are the side cucking out.

Actually this is an opportunity for MAGA and strong border operators to be martyred. If a fed, for example, shot and wounded or killed a Texas LEO, this would be the tipping point to get normies to wake up. (sic: tree of liberty, refreshed, blood of patriots and tyrants. etc)

I think Biden's white house is telling the press don't report on this whatsoever, and they are being highly cautious about escalation.

Finally, an interesting topic after tons of me-too posts of boring assed "team Trump rah rah we hate so and so" tunnel vision normie crap. Sorry, this board has gotten boring AF with no passion or diversity of interests.

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