Is Texas Going To Start A Civil War? (Public Board)

by FSK, Friday, January 26, 2024, 23:33 (25 days ago)

The border at Texas is wide open, mass illegal immigration.

Texas decided they had enough, and erected their own barriers and walls and barbed wire.

ICE tried taking them down.

Texas said no, we're not letting ICE do this.

The Biden administration sued. They argued that border security is the sole responsibility of the Federal government and their authority takes precedence over states. Texas argued that the Constitution says that the Federal government has an obligation to "protect states from invasion" and the situation at the border is a default on that obligation.

The Supreme Court sided with the Biden administration, with Epstein Island Roberts and Barrett voting with the three Democrats.

Texas has responded "Fuck you! This decision is wrong and we're ignoring it. If you want to enforce it, go ahead and try."

It's close to the brink of open Civil War. That's what's going to happen if neither side backs down. The other Republican states have already said they're siding with Texas and providing troops if it comes to open conflict.

My prediction: Texas cucks out and backs down, but you never know.

Another interesting bit: This story is receiving practically zero mainstream media coverage. It's discussed only on right-wing websites and Twitter.

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