Disease X and Davos 2024 (Public Board)

by ,ndo, Certifiable!, Thursday, January 18, 2024, 23:27 (33 days ago) @ FSK

Hah! They don't know how to make an actual vaccine or anything that cures. They have spent so many decades making things that treat symptoms or cause maladies (modern vaccines) that they've completely forgotten how to cure anything. No money in that, remember?

I believe in real vaccines, I had my kids vaccinated, but a lot of today's so-called vaccines are not vaccines. Including the one for the VIRUS. It takes ten years to bring a genuine vaccine to market. That includes five years of safety-testing. The five-year testing for the so-called vaccine for the VIRUS still hasn't clocked up five years.

Do you think the overlords started their vaccine for this new disease ten years ago? I don't. So I don't think they have a genuine vaccine for themselves and I do think if they unleashed a second disease on the world, designed to kill sixty-six million people, they would be foolish. OTOH, they have already done many foolish things in the last five years or so...

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