Vivek must've studied a lot of Obama's speeches (Public Board)

by TheRuse, Monday, January 15, 2024, 09:28 (37 days ago) @ JoFrance

That I'm not sure about, but it's pretty clear that Trump is just doing this for "revenge" and most of his followers only want to re-elect him for the same. He didn't do much his first 4 years (and I was a Trump supporter, but not die-hard MAGA), it was just that he was different and talks his mind (read: spouts out shit without care) and trolls the Dems.

To me, that's not a reason to vote for someone. Vote for the best person, and IMHO Vivek has at least shown he has actual ideas to do what he says, not some nebulous "I'm going to do X if you vote for me. How? Well I cant say it just yet but vote for me if you want it to happen!" like Trump, who sounds more like these independent wanksters with no plan but just want to appeal to the masses. Vivek has outlined his actual plans, and how he wants to achieve it. Plus I love how people try to call him out and he actually will let them speak and talk to them, sometimes even convincing them. Who else does that?

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