There's A Lot Of Inertia In University Rankings (Public Board)

by FSK, Saturday, January 13, 2024, 22:10 (38 days ago) @ JoFrance
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There's a lot of inertia in university rankings. The billionaires have to go to Harvard, because all the other billionaires send their children to Harvard. It's similar to "You have to use FaceBook, because all your friends are using FaceBook."

The only way Harvard loses the #1 spot is if all the billionaires simultaneously agree to stop sending their children to Harvard, and they can all agree to pick somewhere else. One thing that it would be nice to see, but probably won't happen, is if Jewish students flat-out boycott Harvard. That is, zero Jews apply to Harvard.

The problem is way deeper than just some bad apples at Harvard. Pretty much the entire Democrat party is on-board for exterminating the Jews and Whites.

Here's the "logic". Every issue in the world can be broken down to an oppressor/victim dynamic. Jews=White=Oppressor. Muslims=brown=Victim. Therefore, Muslims are right (no matter what they do) and Jews are wrong (no matter what they do).

I don't see any easy way to fix it. It would require gutting and replacing pretty much the entire leadership in our society.

Some Harvard students did file a lawsuit. I expect them to lose, but you never know. Hopefully, they can make some embarrassing things public during discovery:

Harvard will unperson you if you even slightly offend one of their protected victim groups. But it's open season for violence against Jews. Not just speech calling for violence, actual violence.

It's funny how, 2016-2020, Democrats went around accusing everyone on the right wing of being a Nazi. Then in October 2023, everyone on the left simultaneously flipped from "Punch a Nazi!" to "Punch a Jew!"

Since Israel is losing the PR war anyway, they should just say "Fuck it, everyone hates us anyway" and actually genocide Gaza.

Hamas won the war with Israel. Some expendable Hamas soldiers and leaders will die. The remainder of the Palestinians still hate Jews and Israel. They will start organizing for the next invasion/war with Israel the moment the IDF leaves. That's why Israel made a huge tactical mistake letting the Palestinians live.

I read someone said that "The Israel of the 1950s and 60s would have already cleared out Gaza. Israel is getting soft."

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