Groundswell of highly negative conservative reactions to VR (Public Board)

by Cornpop Sutton ⌂, A bad bad dude who makes good shine., Thursday, January 11, 2024, 14:11 (41 days ago) @ TheRuse
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What Jo says is very very standard across most conservative comments I see about Vivek.

Sic: He's too good to be true therefore he is a snake. He sounds like Republican Obama. It's obvious he wants to slip in and then screw the country even harder than Democrats have. He's shady, he's arrogant (funny how asshole Van Jones says exactly the same things about Vivek that Jofrance and other Republicans do), he's in bed with someone we aren't quite sure about but it may be George Soros.

This is exactly what I am reading - those are the self assured, absolutely rock solid mantras across the MAGAsphere. It is almost universal. It probably accounts for Vivek's ultra low polling numbers, in addition to suppression by the establishment.

I'm a weirdo because I actually believe (well, think) the guy is legit. I've listened to him at length in non confrontational interviews such as the PBD podcast where he doesn't have to be bellicose and he is extremely rational and comes off to me as a builder and a maker. He describes actual policy points that aren't just anti woke eflluvia. He sounds a lot more constructive than Trump in terms of specific policy, frankly.

He has no "glitches" where some hypocrisy or bullshit leaks out that betrays his messaging. (Every other liar such as Nikki Haley regularly puts their foot in their mouth on something.

There's the truth and then there is what people (including myself) think, and everyone's opinion is like an asshole, they all stink, including mine.

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