Forum Closed: / forum … End of the Road.

Where’s the Forum!!!???!

Gone and “disappeared”.

Curated dutifully for 14 years by yours truly, this forum site had been one of the VERY few forums that were not corporate-controlled and which gave a voice to the silent generations of IT people, software engineers and developers who started in IT in the 1960s through the early 1990s. We had a unique, pragmatic and contentious but relatively civil climate here. Today: intelligent conversation and engagement in a forum is passe’. The borg like collectives of today’s millennial developers want quick answers and no sidebar discussion.

With very little activity and no engagement from users for several weeks, except for an occasional idiot spammer registering a clearly stupid screen name, it was clearly time to shut things down.

No new members, no new subject matter, and little engagement have all taken their toll for several years. It seemed not worth even hosting, so here we are.

I’ve gotten multiple offers to re-host the board with one of several current members. I say “no” … Effort or expense of hosting is NOT the reason I shut the forums down. My reason is solely that the forum now stinks of decline and ultimate failure, and I object to re-animating a corpse. I’m a control freak like that – it’s the reason I took over the board initially, after all.Some members have expressed concern over the years ago being doxxed or associated with the content here. That is one other key reason for removal.

And while I know for a fact that the offers to host have all been solid, ethical, and reliable, the community here is MY baby.

I don’t own copyright to the words of others here but I am owner of the aggregate product. The forum did not grow or prosper as I wished. Therefore since I had responsibility for the content as site owner (hey, I even got emails from attorneys occasionally demanding that content be removed) it’s my sole call to kill it off.

I really enjoyed the highs of this community and the great practical and philosophic discussions we had over time. I didn’t enjoy being judged personally by certain specific members who only knew me through a cyber fingerprint. Our community has harbored some very fine minds. Also quite a few destructive and hostile weirdos, narcissists, douches, etc. – almost all of whom vanished over the years. The final small crew we had on the forum was the best of the group, socially speaking.

I was honest, I was blunt, and some didn’t like that. But the point is that we are all members of a generation that doesn’t communicate in the way that the online world now prefers. Forums are passe’. Nobody today discusses. They yell, and they beat you with a bicycle lock if you don’t comply.

If you like – write me, you know who I am, or ping me at I always like to hear how people I know are doing.

Prosperity and peace to everyone who hung out here.

Sorry not sorry. 🙂 KThxBye. Etc.