What’s LifeAfterTechCareer.com About?

LifeAfterTechCareer.com is about transitioning and leveraging your computer experience to a new career where your wisdom is valued more than your age. It was started by “seasoned” IT pros that have reinvented themselves after being cast off from their great computer jobs and being unable to get back in the game.

IT work has always favored the young. Maybe because they are cheaper workers. But also because older workers are commonly viewed by employers as unable to grasp new technologies. Nothing could be farther from the truth, but it is a perception that many employers have when it comes to older workers.

Why does this site exist?

Because computer technology careers quite often end well before we’re ready to retire. And even if your IT career seems healthy now, everyone should have a “Plan B” and a second career in mind.

Having support from people that have been through career loss when you’re older and how it affects your entire life is a real lifeline at a dark time.

Because there needs to be a voice that speaks to people at the end of their careers who are looking for something new but are afraid to try or don’t know how to go about it .

Because starting over again and re-thinking your place in the world is quite difficult.

We’re here to help brainstorm, critique, support, and inform.

Think about all the years you were working and thinking about things you would like to do if you didn’t work. Somehow when the time comes, all those thoughts are forgotten and you’re left in a wasteland of broken dreams. We’re here to help you revisit those ideas and figure out what you should do next.